Blockchain: emission and mining rewards


As the WEI blockchain increases, the fraction possible for cryptocurrency mining decreases by about 11% per year.
The max coin issue, 600,000,000 WEI, is the sum of the geometric series. The issue of WEI continues until the reward for the entire year of mining is 1 WEI.

Blockchain and rewards

The reward of miners and masterminds from the WEI blockchain is the same: both types of nodes receive 45% of the, roughly, monthly WEI issue. The remaining 10% is split: 5% is automatically credited to the WEIback budget, from which rewards are subsequently paid, 5% is accumulated in the superblock and becomes available as a result of masternodes voting on user proposals to develop the WEIcrypto project. A decentralized governance budget makes WEIcrypto a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
Rewards, %
Mining algorithm
Budget of DAO
Budget of WEIback