Masternodes: main information

As noted earlier, WEI transactions are instantaneous and, if the user wishes, can be anonymous. All of this is made possible by implementation in WEI blockchain the 2nd layer of nodes - masternodes.
Simply put, a masternode is a server with a copy of the WEI blockchain, which ensures the operation of the Instant- PrivateSend algorithms and votes on requests from the decentralized control system and WEIpartner.
Moreover, the implementation of 2nd layer nodes and Proof-of-Service algorithms makes WEI a green blockchain, as the much more profitable Proof-of-Service mining algorithm potentially reduces the environmental burden from the Proof-of-Work algorithm.
In this section, we'll look at two possible options for running a mastercode:
1. on a masternode hosting provider;
2. using your own server.
The basic requirement for a WEI masternode in any of the above options is to have an amount of collateral of 40,000.00 WEI. Even a small waste of such collateral, resulting in, for example, a current wallet balance of 39,999.9999... WEI, interrupts the operation of the masternode.
The second requirement is the server on which the masternode will be deployed.
The provision of 40,000 WEI plays two roles: it helps ensure a sufficient level of decentralization of the WEI network, confirms the user’s interest in the project and, consequently, the interest in deep evaluation of applications for a loan WEIpartner and management in DAO.
Registering a masternode on a hosting provider's platform will suit users who do NOT have any IT knowledge.
The full list of masternode hosting providers will be published here (if you are hosting provider, contact us by [email protected], so we can add you to the following list):