WEIpay business functionality is represented by 6 menu items:
  • User (Company’s name)
  • Payments
  • Overview
  • Payment tools
  • Business
  • Settings
Let’s take a closer look at each function.
User (Company’s name) page, with the current balance of the legal entity displayed. Balance [ WEI ] shows the current account balance (including income from WEIback) of the legal entity and its equivalent in USDT.
To withdraw funds click the Withdraw button, enter the appropriate amount, the public crediting address and the two-factor authentication PIN.
The Payments section allows you to keep track of all payments (including transactions and WEIback volume) made or not made to your legal entity.
To view transaction information, click on Details opposite the transaction you are interested in. To view a check by going to Details, click View the bill.
Overview displays daily and monthly income of the account in WEIpay Business, considering the data from Payments in a convenient graph.
Payment tools, which will be described in more detail below.
By going to Business you can make changes to your business registration