WEIcrypto team developed absolutely free payment acceptance service (clearing service) WEIpay Business for legal entities for convenient WEI payment acceptance. Its usage allows not only to cut costs of payment acceptance services, but also to increase own profits due to WEIback algorithm, which allows to get up to 2% reward from the transaction amount to buyer and seller, who used WEI in payment (more details about WEIback algorithm).
In this section we will look at how to register your organization with WEIpay Business and how to start accepting WEI in payments.
IMPORTANT: WEI is only the equivalent of the fiat value of your product at the exchange rate at the time of purchase. All prices in the WEIpay Business service are set in your currency and converted to the equivalent in WEI for the buyer with each new purchase. If you don't find your fiat currency in the ones we offer, contact our support team at [email protected] and we will integrate your currency within 5 business days.