For decentralized and secure WEI storage, we suggest using WEIpay wallets for your mobile devices.
You can install WEIpay by clicking on the following links:

How to start

Go to the downloaded application and answer the following questions: who are you? to register a wallet for an individual or a legal entity; do you already have a wallet? - To log in to your existing wallet or create a new one.
In this example we will create a wallet for an individual from scratch.
When creating a wallet for an individual, you will be offered 12 randomly generated words, which are differently named: either “seed phrase” or “secret key”.
IMPORTANT: write down all 12 words in the order given to you and keep them in a computer-protected place. These 12 words are the keys to your WEIs and are not stored anywhere but in your possession. If you lose those 12 words, you will permanently lose access to your WEIs, and we cannot help you recover them.
In the next step, confirm the correctness of the 12 words by placing them in the correct order in the suggested form.
Set the password and, if desired, enable the face or fingerprint unlock functions.